Theater Related Resources to make your life easier

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– comprehensive listing of over 100 Broadway shows (formerly
one of the largest theatre directories on the web, with over 4,000 links
– encyclopedia of musical theatre, TV, & film
major resource for all kinds of theatre links
index, song lists, synopses, lyrics, forums
– just about every play currently published  (Music Theatre International) (Rodgers & Hammerstein) perusal materials, licensing,
production rights & services (Brooklyn Publishers) (Eldridge) (Heur) (I.E. Clark)
– backdrop rentals – online catalogue
ticket sales and promotional ideas.

– high school tech production –
ideas, suggestions, tech how-to & design, help  with questions
backdrop rentals – online catalogue
– costumes, production
expendables,  lighting, special effects, drapes, rigging
– product manufacturer
– theatrical fabrics & supplies or
– corrugated set pieces, theme, design, gossamer
theatrical supplies
– lighting, supplies, armor,