Senior Scholarship

STANJ Senior Scholarship Award




2000: Jennifer Ginsberg
2003: Katie Lee
2006: Kelsey Kurz
2009: Bernadette Carter
2012: Katie Kiessling
2001: Monica Zimmerman
2004: Amanda Bernhardt
2007: David Berg
2010: Jake Bolton
2013: Alyssa Marte
2002: Theresa Wentzell
2005: Matt Muench
2008: Peter Kendall
2011: Kathleen Flynn


STANJ Senior Scholarship Rules and Regulations

1. The candidate must be a graduating high school senior.
2. Candidates must be entered by a STANJ member in good standing.
3. All winners must be declared majors in Theatre, Speech, or Communications.
4. The check will be awarded upon receipt of the student’s proof of acceptance into a speech/ theatre/ communication major. It is the student’s responsibility to give said proof and to request the scholarship.
5. There will be 2 winners.
6. Contestants will perform a four minute monologue presentation, consisting of two monologues, contrasting in style and mood. (e.g. Classic/Contemporary, Dramatic/Comic).
7. Costumes, props, and/ or music are not permitted.
8. The president or designee will present the scholarship at the student’s high school awards ceremony (if one is held).
9. The entry fee is $25.00 per nominee
10. The maximum entry from each school is 2 students.
11. Hired judges, unaffiliated with STANJ, will decide the scholarship recipient.
12. Applications must be postmarked by the deadline date issued each year.