NJ Governor’s Award Competition




For competition info and questions, email: competition@stanj.org


1) What is considered a published play that can be used in the competition?

A published play is a play for which performers would pay a royalty or performance fee to perform the play in its entirety, with the exception of plays which are in the public domain (i.e. Shakespeare, Moliere, Oscar Wilde, etc.). If there are any questions prior to the competition, please contact Lisa at poggistudios@gmail.com for approval.

2) Trophies:

 All participants are strongly encouraged to remain until the end of the competition. (especially since improvisational games will take place from 3:30-4:30pm)If this cannot be arranged and students from your school win a trophy you need to:

a. Coordinate with another school in their area to take your trophies home for you, or

b. Schedule an appointment to meet with Lisa Poggi to pick-up your trophies at Clifton High School.

If neither of these options are arranged in advance, STANJ is not responsible for obtaining the trophies and delivering them to you, and they will be left at Rutger’s University.

3) New Improvisational Pairs Rules:

The students will pick one slip, read it and hand it to the judge.  The judge will read the slip aloud. The students will then have 30 seconds to prepare and then begin performing.  Students may neither leave the room, nor may they consult anyone else.  The time limit will be five minutes in all, including the 30-second prep time.

This event will be held this winter at the theatre facilities of Montclair University! All contestants must be NJ residents sponsored by a STANJ member teacher.  Schools may enter one team. Any student, grade 7-12, may enter any category as part of a school team.A student may enter a category only once, and no more than four categories total.Students are invited to observe all performances.This is significantly different from other events planned throughout the state.Please note the features outlined here and consider bringing your students to our next festival, where learning is equal to competing.


Governor’s Award Categories:
Dramatic Monologue, Comedy Monologue, Dramatic Pairs, Comedy Pairs, Improvisational Pairs, Scenes

Other Categories: Character Analysis, Senior Scholarship

Download and print the Rubrics for each category here: RUBRICS

Contest Structure:
There is one preliminary round and one final round.
Preliminary rounds have ten or more entries per category.
Finalists are chosen from the top ten scores submitted by independent judges.
The final round consists of ten entries per category.
Three judges critique each finalist’s performance.
Finalists’ scores determine the first through fifth place awards recipients.
An awards ceremony, with trophies, is held this same day.
First place performers will receive the Governor’s Award.
One trophy, and the Governor’s Award,  will be awarded to an actor and actress from the
Scenes category with the most outstanding performance