NJ Governor’s Award Competition



** 2019 Governor’s Award Competition set for January 12th! **

NEW STANJ Competition Application 2019

Governor’s Award Categories:
Dramatic Monologue, Comedy Monologue, Dramatic Pairs, Comedy Pairs, Improvisational Pairs, Scenes

Other Categories: Character Analysis, Senior Scholarship

Download and print the Rubrics for each category here: RUBRICS

Contest Structure:
There is one preliminary round and one final round.
Preliminary rounds have ten or more entries per category.
Finalists are chosen from the top ten scores submitted by independent judges.
The final round consists of ten entries per category.
Three judges critique each finalist’s performance.
Finalists’ scores determine the first through fifth place awards recipients.
An awards ceremony, with trophies, is held this same day.
First place performers will receive the Governor’s Award.
One trophy, and the Governor’s Award,  will be awarded to an actor and actress from the
Scenes category with the most outstanding performance

NEW STANJ Competition Application 2019